You Loki! You Really Loki! – Oscar-Nominated Links from the Internet God of Mischief, Tom Hiddleston

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Let us take a moment and appreciate the Oscar-winning song “Hard Out Here for a Pimp
Very interesting article from the LA Times on why Leo DiCaprio does not need this Oscar win (though he may deserve it).
You may recall we highlighted Zombeavers (trailer).  They are asking for the Academy’s consideration. Truth be told there’s never really been a high quality zombie beavers film, so maybe this is the year (EW)
For you degenerate gamblers, here are you Oscars odds!  (BusinessInsider)
If you’re both?  Look for some prop bets on wardrobe malfunctions!
Handy cheatsheet facts about the Oscars themselves you can drop at a party. (USAToday)
… and some handy facts about the nominees you can drop at that same party.  We want you to sound smart. (PopSugar)
Scarlett Johansson > Nic Cage.  So glad they recast the voice in Her.
Let’s take another moment:
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