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We’ll share our thoughts on Mean Girls on it’s actual anniversary (the 30th – stay tuned!), so here, watch some teenagers react to the movie today. (via Moviefone)


Were you looking to compare the different Godzilla roars through the last 60 years?  Oh you were?  Well here’s a video for you.


Really cool, definitely weird look at what’s inside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by artist Nychos (via io9)


Bad Lip Reading nails it, as always, with Twilight: Eclipse (New Moon here.  The 1st one here)


20 excellent movie explosions.  Credit to Bryan Parrill over at ShootingtheScript for a very interesting list, well thought out, with video of course.


Yes, you’ve seen that place before.  Now you’ll see it everywhere after reading Cracked’s list of places used in the background of many movies.


The many faces of Alan Rickman (themanyfacesof.com is sheer brilliance, try the LeoLibs)


Really neat site from web/graphic designer Christian Annyas  (follow at @MovieTitles) with a huge collection of movie title screen stills from every decade.  Interesting site, content and work from Annyas.


More Mean Girls, because someone’s been internetting heavily:
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