True Detective Finale Thoughts

If you’re looking for profound thoughts on True Detective‘s second season finale, look further. Way further.

Here lie only unhelpful thoughts.




-This whole season should have been Frank murdering Blake over and over, on repeat.

-I heart the theme song. I LIVE AMONG YOU, WELL DISGUISED.

-Dear Kelly Reilly, sorry for all the immensely lame parts you’ve had to play in your life. This one doesn’t seem to be your fault.

-To the people complaining about the lack of chemistry between Ray and Ani…smh. Duh, they don’t have chemistry. You thought Nic Pizzolatto was trying to craft a clean, happy romance?

-We deserve better Alex Cross movies. No, it’s not related.

-Hey, Ray and Ani, love the post-coital chit chat, but maybe someone should go solve a crime?


-Excuse me, Mr. Pizzolatto? Are you just trying to see how long you can make Frank and Jordan talk before your audience commits ritual suicide? Actually, though, how bad can a scene be? I take back the apology, Kelly Reilly.

-It’s always the set photographer.

-“I was never big on running myself.” You can do it, Ray!


-Ray, use the buddy system always…

-Russian bad guy still confuses me. I get that he’s bad, though.

-“Everything’s ending.” That bodes well!


-Billy Heywood!!!!! (You’re not going to have him on the show and NOT play a big role. DUH. He did run an MLB team after all.)

-Ugh, this train station conversation is confusing me. Someone shoot someone!

-Oh wow. Everyone stop shooting everyone, please.

-Ray and Frank shouldn’t be allowed to give pep talks.

-What are Frank and Ray listening to on the way to their heist? Many good options, but can only hope it’s the theme song. Or Little River Band.


-“Guess I was wrong. It was today.” Damn, Frank.

-Ahhhhh to scary car near Ray’s car.

-Awwwww to Chad saluting.

-I’m at the point in my life where I can only fall asleep to Ray Velcoro life lesson lullabies.

-Frank got himself all-time #daddyissues.

-Ray doing his Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid thing? Aight. I fux wit it.

-Yo, Ray, maybe drive to your own death somewhere with better connection.


-Who knew Ray was so #potent?


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