These Boots Are Made for Walken: Low Hanging Fruit

Slashfilm alerted us to a very important discussion: Just how many Stevan Segal movie posters do NOT feature him with a gun?  We’d like a follow up study cross referencing girth of ponytail.


Laz Marquez makes incredible poster art.  Go check out his ‘7 Posters in 7 Days‘ and enjoy some nifty looks.


Sequels that never were.  But really never were (Not like The Day After Tomorrow 2: The Day After The After, still waiting). It’s an exhibit.  And fun.





AV Club: “We drank 20-year-old Snapple with the stars of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete”  Feels like nothing more needs to convince you.


ScreenCrush has an interesting article, especially as a Batman fan & recent Suicide Squad announcements, on the ‘problems’ with Harley Quinn (Joker’s boo, noobs)


Ascension trailer.  Think they-sent-Mad-Men-into-space-fearing-nukes.  Looks worth a gander.  Space beaches!


Real Flying Delorean.  Time-travel components extra.  Read the fine print.


A cheesy 80’s-style monster shows up and upstages a yuppie at his own party.  Yes, this short film is cool and weird.


top image via The Walken Chronicles
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