The Party Don’t Start ’til I Walken: Links From a Mad Genius, Christopher Walken

Though we have allowed our friend Tom/Loki to move on to work on other things, internet mischief lives on forever.  For a new guide, we thought long and hard on who could best guide us on our excursions into absurdity.  So we transition from a demigod of mischief to a man who has a long and wonderful career of embracing the weird, whose mad brilliance predates the interwebs.  A man who loves sentence structuring outside the box, wild hair and googly eyes.  Ladies and Gentlemen your new guide to the internet, Christopher Walken:



This.  Click this.  Test your metal mettle.  Okily Dokily.


Pretty simple question posed in this video, with amusing results:  What if Ingmar Bergman Directed The Flash?


Very cool behind the scenes photos/images from Alien (via io9)


Wilfred gives terrible advice.


Wil Wheaton made a Cheers intro for True Blood.  You know you want to see it.


7 very evil corporations in movies we can be glad are not ‘people.’




Cool. Cool (x2). Cool (x3). Cool (x4). Cool (x5).  All those cools lead to some incredible art from Poster Posse celebrating 75 years of Batman (collections in 5 phases on Blurppy).  There are some truly stunning pieces there.


Reasons why the Janitor was, is and will forever be the greatest Scrubs character and a terrible maintenance employee.


A look at the Jurassic World raptor?  Indeed.  Gaze upon the clever girl.



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