Take a Walken the Wild Side: Links From a Mad Genius, Christopher Walken


Want to lose some time?  Head to the r/gameofthrones section on Reddit for gems like ‘Sigils for each of the 50 States‘(via Uproxx)


Which X-Men villain are you?  You know you want to find out.  I’m Sabertooth, apparently.


Ahem.  OK, man, I’ll go see Hercules.  You magnificent muscled goof.


Very entertaining Season 1 blooper reel shows why Phil Coulson Clark Gregg and his crew have a great time making Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Or whatever they’re gonna call themselves now.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Artwork.  May they rest in piece after Michael Bay has slaughtered them.


Pretty sure this title from Buzzfeed Video explains everything about the video to follow: ‘Things Disney Characters Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them


Really, immensely, completely, insanely cool, beautiful 7-inch vinyl album covers of Batman: The Animated Series villains  (a staple of my childhood) from the always-brilliant Mondo gallery.  They are stupendous.  I am out of adjectives for now.



Necessary. (via)


With all the Comic-Con hoopla about what seem to be some genuinely entertaining DC Comics Projects, Honest Trailers rips apart the clumsy, unfortunate Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds.  Can we let the poor guy just make his Deadpool movie already???


You can now have a real, working Flux CapacitorUSB car charger.


Batman allegedly is pretty peeved with Supes in the new movie based on his wonton destruction/saving… stuff.  Tony Stark has some pretty complicated trauma from his outings with the Avengers.  Screenrant has two handy infographics detailing the price of vigilantism/being a billionaire/genius/playboy hero.


Custom LEGO minifigures + Marvel superheroes = delightful.



The internet is a weird place.


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