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As a fan of Batman in general, I’m pretty excited for Gotham.  As someone who may or may not own seasons of The O.C., I am REALLY excited for Gotham.  After watching this new trailer, I may not be a crazy person!  Looks like this could be quite fun. (FOX)

Behind the scenes photos of great TV shows.  Because I am a sucker for things like this. (io9)

Jaws-zilla (Jaws clips with Godzilla audio.  Cool cool cool)


You didn’t even know you were clamoring for Sofia Coppola’s The Little Mermaid.  So there.  (FoD)


Very entertaining photos of your favorite folks from Westeros when they’re not being quite so incest-y/lost/bloody/questing/ruthless and/or awful? (Chive)


TheAwkwardYeti gets it.

The Awkward Yeti gives a science/life lesson.


Stop-motion Lego Star Wars pals building a Lego Millennium Falcon.


24 classic movie scenes ‘ruined’ by Cracked with costume alterations.  4 of the other ‘ruined’ scenes have actually been optioned as ‘re-imaginings’ by studios.


Seeing Tony Hale NOT being Buster Bluth/Gary Walsh can be jarring, people, so be warned. However he’s a lovely fellow and this is a fun interview. (Speakeasy on Youtube)


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