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Thank you to the always reliable Buzzfeed.
Yes, quite tight.  On that note, have you wondered what your favorite movies would’ve looked like with original/rumored casts?  Well here you go.  An no, Eric Stoltz is nowhere to be found. (Listal)
Some of your favorite movie scenes were nowhere to be found in a script.  Because chaos reigns supreme. (ScreenRant)
An infographic of the highest grossing film by state they filmed in. Represented by often-disturbing fractions of pictures… (via @hunterschwarz)
Francesco Francavilla is an artist.  A very, very good artist.  Who happens to draw awesome superhero stuff (other stuff too, like this moody True Detective piece).  Here’s Superheroes as Olympians. (via Francavilla’s Tumblr)  
Urkel voiced Sonic the Hedgehog. Mull on that.
As (technically) a Disney Prince and/or Villain, I am honored to share with you these Disney-inspired alcoholic beverages.  Mmmmm… Gaston… (Geekologie)
Someone, somewhere out there might need this.
(via uproxx)
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