Slow & Loki Wins the Race – Links From the Internet God of Mischief, Tom Hiddleston

We were very disappointed by A Million Ways to Die in the West.  This clip from the reliable Graham Norton Show cements our opinion about the three thespians not named ‘Tom Cruise,’ and provide some consistent, surprising laughs.  Not so much for that movie though, Seth.



A visual guide to important robots from TV/movie pop culture.  You may want to take some notes for when the overlords take over.  (LaughingSquid)


Great dance moments from television.  That should be all it takes to get you to click.


Before and after visual effects from some very striking scenes.  That Walking Dead one blew my mind.


Wayne the Stegosaurus: A Motionpoems Animated Short from The Mill on Vimeo.


Disney face swaps:  – cannot be unseen.


Optical illusion movie posters from Rowan Stocks Moore.  Whoa.


AFI’s 25 greatest film scores.  Fun to listen to while you troll the internet.




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