Should I Watch It?

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What a loaded question.
Everyone loves going to the movies or nestling into our couch to watch a good TV show – But is there anything worse than the letdown of unfulfilled expectations, two hours of feeling captive, or that sense you just wasted 30 minutes of your life?

We’re here to help!

We love movies, television, video….heck, anything with moving pictures. We also like to talk. This can get irritating during a screening, so thank goodness for the interwebs.  We like telling stories, reading stories, viewing stories -and talking about them.  Maybe we just like talking in general… again, the internet swoops in to save us from ourselves.

Kidding aside, the question remains: ‘should I watch it?’  We’ve been asked this countless times over the years, partially because we consume media and stories of all kinds, from Saturday Night Live to Shakespeare, and partially because people know we have both the vocabulary (astounding) and interest (or too much time on our hands, you pick) in what makes something worth a try.
Someone suggested we start a blog to share our opinions and insights.

So, here we are.

Our movie tastes run the gamut of genres and quality (I personally adore bad Horror movies -W) and we judge on entirely different distinctions depending on the type of movie.  The scale for a Vin Diesel movie does not match how critical I would be going into a piece by Martin Scorsese

We took a moment, and boiled down the discussion to core concepts, conversation starters, and our reference points in talking about these stories.

We present to you a nifty guide to get you started asking about a movie or show:


The 3 questions you need to ask about a movie:


1.) Should I pay to see it?
2.) Should I see it with a date?
3.) Could I watch it with my mother?


Add to that the Rewatchability Scale (“RS””,” patent pending) and you’ll know whether a movie is worth your time.  We’ll get into that down the road.
Old movies, new movies. Good movies, good ‘bad’ movies. Current shows, old favorites, Netflix discoveries –  And a few surprises along the way!
We look forward to your eyeballs and commentary.  Keep watching. 
– The Folks at GoodWillWatching
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