Should I Watch It? – The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015)

7/10 – IMDb

64% – Rotten Tomatoes


Nothing says spring break quite like seeing a film filled with aging stars and gentle tales of their impending mortality. I know how to live it up, and nothing says live it up quite like Judi Dench negotiating fabric deals with Indian businessmen, or Richard Gere deceiving extremely nice retirees. Really, though, this film is entertaining and uplifting and spry, regardless of what the cast’s collective age leads you to believe.

Is Bill Nighy the best thing we’ve got going for us right now?

As I mentioned, this film touches on finding fulfillment as the end nears. I may not remember exactly how it suggested doing so, but I’m pretty sure it involved finding a way to hang out with Bill Nighy as much as possible. He is good in everything (especially About Time) and as Douglas Ainslie he brings life to every scene. Honestly, I could just watch him talk about anything. I could watch him eat. Nighy is lanky and stringy and gesture-y, and we should all be thankful to have him in our lives. I should probably stop now. I have to go watch Billy Mack perform.

Are you old?

This is an important question that you should probably know the answer to, no matter what you decide about seeing this movie. Based on my analysis of fellow moviegoers, there is a strong correlation between being old and seeing this movie. SIDE NOTE: Dear old people who were in the same theater as me, why were you sitting so far away from the screen? There were so many open seats in the front half, and it was so clear that may of you were straining to hear from your spots. Food for thought!

More seriously, I can see the appeal in this film for older viewers. Not only is the cast littered with enduring stars, but also the stories evoke strong emotions regarding family, loss, and moving forward even when it seems easiest to stand still and await the end, the “ultimate journey” as Dev Patel’s Sonny awkwardly calls it. Many younger movie fans will shy away from the older cast, but the touching stories have great value to people of all ages.


Dench-Nighy 2016.


Did you have dental surgery recently? 

Also an important question to which you should probably know the answer. If you answered IDK to these last two questions, take some time for introspection and physical examination.

To answer the question, I did! There’s only so much for one to do when an elevated heart rate would lead to bloody mouth seepage pain and misery, so one accepts whatever fare the cinema has to offer. That being said, my unassuming expectations were far surpassed by the wit and energy of the film. Nighy, Patel, Dench, and Gere are all fantastic (as is Maggie Smith [DUH]), and the script is sassy and self-aware. If you’re getting your teeth yanked, you could do far worse than to see this movie.

Is it Chappie? 

This film is, in fact, not Chappie. Patel’s face may have tricked you, but I can assure you that there are no robots in this film. The fact that this film, truly, is not Chappie is probably a selling point for most of you. If that offends any of you Chappie fans out there, are you Hugh Jackman? Seriously, I don’t know if I have ever been as immediately skeptical of a film from the moment I first saw its trailer. On to better things, Neill Blomkamp!


Is that you?

Who are we kidding? Your mother, or grandmother at least, has probably already seen this movie. Many mothers are behind on the pop culture curve, but the release of this movie has been circled on the Official Mom Calendar (available only at Walmart) for months.


“So how much do you know about gerbils?”

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