Goodness, that was fun.


Makes a guy all warm and fuzzy to see intelligently dumb action movies made these days.  Especially one with such important history and fandom.





Should I pay to see a movie whose plot seems to be laid out in the trailers?


You should indeed.

For anyone who loves the first two movies, Genisys will be extra fun.



Truly, as a big fan of the first two movies (and a non-hater of Salvation), I’ll admit my delight to hear Sarah Connor yell “Come with me if you want to live!”  And thoroughly enjoyed the role-reversal of Kyle Reese and Ms. Connor from the original.  A neat twist, highly effective in setting up anyone who thinks they know what’s going down in this version of events.


Add to that that Khaleesi herself plays Sarah, and of course I buy in.  She’s great, and Jai Courtney fills the role of Kyle Reese quite well.  Makes me excited to see Captain Boomerang in his furry glory.  He’s got the same kind of swagger, albeit bulkier (fitting for the age of bigger and better) similar to Bruce Willis – that role in Die Hard makes all the more sense the more I see Courtney in things.  The deft touch of comedy while still being a big old badass should be appreciated.  Courtney was a good choice.



OK, so what about the other big player?  What about John Connor?

I was also surprised how I enjoyed Jason Clarke, in a uniquely twisted role (that is all I shall say, to avoid spoilers, as to how all this timeline/universe stuff plays out – use the googles) as a familiar-face-turned-foe.

He is a great actor.  His role is spoiled in the trailer, but still plays as a cool warping of the known timeline(s?).  He was a surprisingly great villain to me.  Having only seen him in nobler roles, I really liked his villainous scowl and evil monologues.  He and his hybrid simply worked overall for me.







And that takes me to Arnold.  Oh, Arnold.


What a wonderful surprise.  He takes a role that is old (but not obsolete ;]  ) and makes it new again.  The Guardian Terminator (‘Pops’) presents such a potential goofy take on the previous films and he plays it with a sly confidence that helps carry the film.  The film holds a great balance of the absurdity of it all and its own internal logic.

…Because there is some seriously messy logic (duh.  Time Travel.) and science mumbo jumbo that would be silly in most cases.  Yet the director hands some of the exposition to Arnie’s ‘Pops’ and it’s so ridiculous, it kills, we’re sold.




I’m loving what I’m hearing, guy.  What else?


It was a smart decision to grab some great actors for the roles.  The Clarke(s), Courtney (not a great actor, per-se, but with serious action chops), and Ahhhhhnold (the ultimate action chops) take up the majority of screen time and do so well.  Add to that a supporting role from J.K. Simmons, and you know the folks behind all this knew what they were doing.  Simmons can do no wrong, in our book.  He’s great in everything and anything.  He’s great in freakin’ insurance commercials for chrissakes!

I found his to be a really unique role, a nice anchoring device to the ‘reality’ of time travel and timelines.  As someone who seeks out…. well, just about anything involving time travel, I appreciated this stitching.


The creators of this movie… ‘get it.’   Some of the plot and exposition shouldn’t work.  It does.  And Arnold nails it.  He is both impressive and amusing – made so because he is clearly in on the joke.  Blending comedy in what is primarily and successfully an action romp can prove difficult for many directors, making for a halting movie.  Genisys moves along at a great clip and has some nice chuckles.


Because the action speaks for itself.  You see that GIF at the top?  The vision of the future was stunning.  The Arnold-on-Arnold fight you see teased?  Pretty nifty.  Although we’ve seen the ‘large-vehicle-being-flipped’ action sequence done to perfection in The Dark Knight, the scene you see in trailers on the Golden Gate bridge hums.  Terminator: Genisys was well made.  A more than fitting addition to the Terminator franchise.




James Cameron was right.  Obviously.  Because he’s James friggin’ Cameron



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