Should I Watch It – Role Models (2008)

Wooooo baby, have we got a winner here.


Role Models is a remarkable movie.  Not in terms of winning awards or breaking the bank, but in terms of playful ingenuity.  The movie is crass. McLovin is playing a child (he was in his 20s).  It has a strong KISS subplot.  Does this sound like a movie you would routinely watch at any time, in any company?  Well it also has two immature yet  likeable adult characters (credit to two overall likeable actors, there), one and a half awesome child counterparts (sorry, McLovin), and a sneaky- heartwarming plot that makes it an immensely satisfying movie to watch.  Writer-director David Wain and his group of comedic friends,  a group that Paul Rudd has been a part of for sometime, always seem to manage to be bizzare, funny- and in the end?  Sort of sweet.  It never hurts having the always amusing Jane Lynch along for the ride as well.


Should I pay to see it?
Yes!  This movie is without a doubt worth adding to your collection, and we highly recommend doing so.  But that’s part of the beauty of Role Models – you won’t have to.  Comedy Central, FX, HBO, and the ludicrously named FXX (Love their stuff, but truthfully, is their next offshoot FXXX?  That would be hysterical) all play Role Models quite often, in various states of edit.  Despite being sometimes crass, the movie overall still holds its own when people, in a rage call someone a reeeeeal monster trucker.  Buy it, sure, but if you’re strapped for cash just wait a month and you’ll see it on your TV set.


Should I watch it with a date?

Yes again!  Actually, this is a great barometer of how far your relationship will be going.  A perfect movie to watch hanging out on a couch, dorm room, on a long plane ride etc. etc.  While this by no means will be everyone’s favorite movie, there is an undeniably sweet, goofy weird charm to the entire story and actors that is undeniable.

Could I watch it with my mother?

Tricky one of the bunch.

The immediate answer is yes.  A double yes after a few glasses of wine, then?  There is cursing, in the unedited version, and a handful of jokes that might make you squirm.  The real answer to the question?  This will really depend on your Mom.  The movie has a gooey heart, we assure you.  If your mother ain’t for cussin, doesn’t like KISS, some juvenile humor, or does not like Sean William Scott being abused by a precocious, foul-mouthed 10 year old, then she probably won’t like the movie.  But most mothers know men and boys, heck they may have raised them, and the heart of the movie lies in two screwed up young men connecting with two kids in need of, you guessed it:

Role Models.


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