Should I Watch It? – Minions (2015)

6.8/10 – IMDb

54% – Rotten Tomatoes


Minions present the type of physical comedy that, for me at least, makes for a fantastic pick-me-up. The lovable pills certainly have the potential to grind one’s gears, if one is grumpy enough, but if you’ve made it all the way to the theater, I hope you have eliminated at least some of your grump by the time the movie begins. Most of you have done so already, it seems. Why even write this? KING BOB.


Is the movie good?

What a very forward question.

Good can mean a lot of things. Technically, Minions has not yet been eliminated from Best Picture contention, so there’s one definition. The film may lack in depth and length and understandable language, but it contains an abundance of joy, shenanigans, and yellow. I refuse to answer any further.

Is there a plot?


Sort of! Sandra Bullock voices a supervillain, and Jon Hamm her dorky husband (We’re so glad Mad Men‘s completion has freed him up for other work.), and the couple tries to use the Minions to carry out high-stakes international crimes. Really, though, this is a rare case of the story hindering a movie’s overall entertainment value. The best parts of the movie come when main Minions Kevin, Stuart, and Bob enter into and create chaotic situations. It almost seems like the yellow creatures would thrive in a television show more than a movie, a setup that would allow them to carry out endless tangential antics rather than follow the somewhat constricted plot of a film. Would their comedy get tiresome? Perhaps, but there would be more of it to enjoy.


They just want us to smile is all.


Who should I watch it with?

Ummmm, I don’t know. Your mom, lover, friend, dad, sister, teacher, stalker. Anyone who’s around, really. If these labels all describe the same person in your life, rock on.

The movie is short and sweet, perfect for younger audiences, but it also has moments of more sophisticated action-packed comedy. I wouldn’t watch it with someone you don’t like, for watching movies with people you dislike seems strange in general, but really you can’t go wrong, unless you watch with someone who cannot bring themselves to laugh at the Minions. If this person really cannot do so, they should probably fall under that title of “people you dislike,” and remember: don’t watch movies with people you don’t like!

Is it worth going to a theater to see?

No, if you’re simply asking whether or not it should be how you spend your allowance/salary/reward money/ransom collections. But if you’re in need of cheeriness and light in your life, I’d value that need at at least whatever price your local theater sees fit to rip you off with. You could also get a puppy, if this is your case. Cheer up!


Are you going to end this review without even pretending to review the movie?

I mean, did you see those box office numbers? There’s a 74% chance you’ve already seen this movie. Plus, there’s not that much to review. The simple formula of endearing non-human characters + not taking itself too seriously + KING BOB makes for an entertaining movie, 10 times out of 10.



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