Should I Watch It? – Made of Honor (2008)

Continuing our Valentine’s Day Weekend extravaganza…
THAT is a good lookin' couple.

THAT is a good lookin’ couple.


IMDB: 5.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 14%
(OUCH.  The audience rating is 55%, FYI)


FULL DISCLOSURE: We watched this twice on a plane. Back to back. Yup. Just getting that out there.
Remember that awesome post I had about Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Part of what makes something that should merely be like everything else (just a cop sitcom, just another romcom) stand above lies in some inherent likability of those acting within.  With that, I give you Made of Honor.  With not one, but TWO(!!) cast members from Grey’s Anatomy, a show I refuse to watch on principle, the film should be doomed from the start. However both Patrick Dempsey, the star and titular hero, and Kevin McKidd are quite entertaining in the film.  We love a good tweak, and MofH has some nice twists on the traditional model.  I mean, McDreamy as a maid of honor?  The concept alone is a good silly twist.Charming, handsome Tom (Dempsey), scientifically speaking, gets around.  His long-time platonic friend Hannah (played by the gorgeous, always enjoyable Michelle Monaghan) compliments him in just about every way.  Do you see where this is going?  You probably do.  Tom starts to realize that Hannah may very well be the one, as she is overseas… and she goes and gets engaged to the enormous, Scottish Colin (McKidd).  She names him ‘maid of honor’ and, clearly, hilarity ensues.  Again, it is hard to exactly place why this movie entertains so.  Tom’s friends and basketball compadres are a riot, giving advice to varying degrees of helpfulness, as there are some genuinely funny scenes that have no business eliciting such laughs.  The chemistry between Tom & his friends (Chris Messina!), Tom & Hannah, and interactions overall feels genuine. Human interactions, ironically enough, are oftentimes the big problem with a boilerplate RomCom.  While somewhat overblown, the movie rarely irritates in that regard, even poking fun at some of the cheesier, well-worn concepts from similar movies. 

This is in my search history.

This is in my search history.

Should I pay to see it?


If you love romantic comedies, yes this is well worth adding to your collection (and you can probably do so for under $10).  Otherwise, the movie pops up pretty routinely on movie channels and the always-amusing FX (they played XXX and Monte Carlo in the same week.  I honestly have no idea anymore who they are targeting with their movie choices).


Should I see it with a date?


 Yes!  Dempsey’s a handsome, surprisingly funny dude.  Michelle Monaghan is enjoyable in even the biggest pieces of trash (The Heartbreak Kid, Eagle Eye, with Tough LaBeouf, anyone?) and also naturally gorgeous – on a very superficial level.  Beyond that, the movie is really, really funny.  For a guy like me, sure some of that comes from seeing the handsome, charming Tom put in supremely awkward situations, but overall the movie has such a light, fun tone that it’s hard not to enjoy the ride.  Monaghan delights as the one woman who doesn’t fall for Tom’s BS.  You will not look at necklaces the same way again.  Also, this scene happens.  One of my favorites.




Could I watch it with my mother?


So long as she’s not one of those Grey’s Anatomy nutjobs (that’s a Google Search for ‘Grey’s Anatomy FanFiction’ click at your own risk), you’ll be fine.  The movie only has one squirm-worthy scene, and it’s quite over-the-top and outright hysterical.  Again, the movie is fairly light, the cast is pretty and likable.  Plus, we can almost guarantee everyone will enjoy Colin’s gruff Scottish family and their ‘Highland Games‘-esque competition to prove the groom’s worthiness.  And who doesn’t love some beautiful Scottish landscapes and castles?

And yes, I went looking specifically for kilt pictures.  Deal with it.


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