Should I Watch It? – Drinking Buddies (2013)


IMDB: 6.2/10


Buzz, your movie… WOOF.


Where to start with this movie?  I will admit a wholehearted bias toward anything Jake Johnson does.  For the most part he can make just about any character work.  And, hell, that goes for just about every actor and actress in this movie.  Ron Livingston, Olivia Wilde, Anna Kend(swoon)rick.  Jason Sudekis shows up.  So why is this movie so… unlikeable?  Or, and this is the more damning critique, uninteresting?  No, that’s the wrong word.  ‘Uninvested?’  (I feel a bit like @wordaday). Which is, again, surprising, with such a stellar cast.  What makes for such a film – One with relatable, though not necessarily likeable characters?  You find yourself uncomfortable at the end of the film.  These characters, the situations, everything is very… familiar, recognizable.  However the ins and outs of the film don’t really quite make a coherent beat, and the decisions made and resolutions are often baffling and/or unexplored.  The movie feels like it’s missing something, either beginning or end.  We either need a further backstory, or a deeper understanding of the aftershocks.  Epilogues and non-Marvel tack-ons can feel corny (ahem, Ms. Rowling), and would not have made sense at all for an already uneven film.Drinking Buddies lacks a foundation.  The movie’s subject falls squarely into the  “exploration-of-relationships dramedy” category in Netflix, an incidentally fitting description.  We do not know the characters well enough to really form a bond with the movie.  Our relationship with them is assumed.  Maybe that was the mad plan all along?————————————————-


Should I pay to see it?


Nope.This film is available on Netflix, anyways.


Should I see it with a date?


I guess if you’d like to test awkward silences?

Or if you want to see people you think are funny/pretty (Johnson, Wilde, Kendrick, Livingston) be unlikable characters?  Then yes, and get ready for some interesting commentary.


Should I watch it with my mom?


See this one is actually interesting.  There was another no typed (yup), but then I did the math and realized there are easily lots of people who would be old enough to have children who would be big fans of any of the stars.  So if you and your mother enjoying checking out potentially awkward topics and/or conversations in independent film, then yes (I had this experience with The Kids Are All Right, I don’t mean this as a bad thing, just a bad movie in DB’s case).

If you like the actors and actresses, this film will present you with a weird study in them playing people you don’t connect with properly.

This would be my IMDB description of the film.

The movie holds its own, interesting place in a viewing history.  Not something I would casually watch some lazy afternoon.

At least we know the stars will always bounce back and make us laugh.  Thanks, internet.

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