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6.1/10 – IMDb
41% – Rotten Tomatoes

We at GWW are fully in the throes of Valentine’s Day spirit, so we thought we would throw out another one of our favorite rom-coms, the singular 27 Dresses. Filled with fantastic rom-com cliches, inventive shenanigans, and “Benny and the Jets,” the movie has it all, or some. To the questions!

Should I pay to see it?

Wait, you mean not everyone has a copy (or two) of this movie on DVD? No one does? Well, I do. Unfortunately, I cherish that obnoxiously pink case and disc, so you cannot borrow my copy. FX seems to cycle through this movie fairly often, if you can tolerate their talking heads during every commercial break, but if you’re looking for an easy laugh for a Valentine’s Day in with that special someone, it certainly won’t feel like a waste of a few dollars (if only for the singing scene in the link above).

Marsden’s Kevin charms his way into the story and our hearts (gag).

Could I watch it with a date?

DUH. To me, even though Dresses does not quite reach the top of the heap in my rom-com rankings (which shamefully do exist), it does provide a wonderful date option. #NODISRESPECTTOKATHERINEHEIGL, but I don’t think she will be stealing the hearts of boyfriends watching with their ladies, though James Marsden may be a threat on the other side. Despite its sappiness, the movie does achieve some touching moments, as Heigl’s Jane strives to shed the burden of being “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” The characters are simultaneously likable and mockable, making for a solid date movie while also keeping the attention on you and your lover.

Could I watch it with my mom?

Based on several trials of firsthand experience, I can give a solid yes. James Marsden + “Benny and the Jets” = Gold for mothers. There may be different outcomes for this one, with your mom loving the cheesy romanticism or spending close to two hours telling you all about how “love and marriage don’t work like this” or “Jane’s sister is SUCH A BITCH.” Regardless, entertainment awaits you in some form, with Malin Akerman and Edward Burns completing a solid, at times genuinely frustrating love quadrangle.

At the very least, the movie will let you see A LOT of ugly dresses.

I’ll never tire of this movie, though many others might. Nonetheless, consider this the highest recommendation we can give for sappy, predictable romantic comedies.

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