Schur-ly You Can’t be Serious: Yes. Parks and Rec is ending (and don’t call me Shirley)

By all indications NBC, the dumbluck buffoons they are these days, will hold Parks & Recreation’s final 13-episode season (a ‘coda’ according to Mr. Schur).  We all anxiously await the seventh season’s arrival.  Cracked’s tweet got me thinking.  Greg Daniels and Schur have created 2 wonderful, classic shows and one growing into something special (we love Brooklyn Nine-Nine).   Nine-Nine has been steadily growing with a relentless goofy grin as they traverse cop tropes.  The Office was brilliant, simply brilliant, for several seasons, great for some, uneven for 2 (Though through that uneven-ness gave us Robert California, the lizard king).  But Dunder-Mifflin very often amused through apathy.

Parks succeeds, succeeded and has become my most re-watched show because it finds its humor in heart (why BNN works for me too).  Yes it is weird, silly, sometimes incredibly goofy but there always lies something at the core.  Ron is a good man who hates government… and works for the government.  Tom reluctantly grew up.  Ben and Leslie have a real, competent relationship.  Their zaniness comes from a passion for doing a good job.  Even April and Andy bring out the best in each other – what more can you ask from someone you love?

There is a heart, an optimism, a warmth in Parks that permeates everywhere, growing from the uneven 1st season.  This plucky, absurdist optimism was so, so, so perfectly expanded upon in the flash-forward to end season 6.  God I hope the go all out crazy with this final curtain call and push Leslie closer and closer to greatness.

Knope for President.  National Waffles Day announcement forthcoming.


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