Right Place, Wrong Line – Danny Devito

Whilst enjoying a rerun of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watching Danny Devito gargle a beer, a thought popped into my head and started cracking me up.  Yes, he is a phenomenal actor, with roles such as Penguin and Matilda’s dad, but now he is the gonzo-lynchpin of this zany, dirty comedy, Frank Reynolds.  I already enjoyed Devito, but once he joined the cast of Sunny the show rocketed to new heights.  None of this is what tickled my funny bone.  Rather I realized, as I watched Frank try to ‘bang’ his sister-in-law at a funeral that this man was the voice of the furry little Lorax.  After some mind-wandering & laughing fits, I did a Google search.  Here:



(Original image via — quote from IASIP ‘The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention)

I also remembered that Devito voiced Phil in Disney’s Hercules… and, well…



(Image from Wikipedia, click for full clip from Sunny)


Always great, fun to mash-up, Danny Devito.


Any others, you photoshoppers?




top image via WhatCulture
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