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The dance sensation sweeping the nation.

Gritty Childhood Reboot is an excellent band name.  This artwork of childhood characters… re-imagined is quite excellent as well.

Some free ideas for Harry Potter sequels

Denzel guarantees.  And it’s Denzel, so you believe him


Interesting infographic concerning TV shows cancelled after one season.  So Fox was looking to do better with Dads?  Swore they were tanking… (Daily Infographic)

Neat visual aid for keeping track of all those dang Game of Thrones families. (via)

This book is important. You should all understand your monsters…

What we aliens/gods/loreal models/beings/engineers/spaghetti monsters are seeing broadcast from earth  because something, something space-time. (via)

Incredible movie art shows in some cool galleries around states.  Head to Slashfilm to see these pop culture masterpieces and get more info.

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