Parenthood Update: Bright Days Ahead, #JOELANDJULIAFOREVER

We shouldn’t dwell on sad things for too long, I guess. But Parenthood is over so soon it hurts. In two weeks, I will have to find a way to get excited for the Patriots’ impending championship despite this blessed family leaving our lives.


Moving on!

The Braverman ruling family is heading towards times of transition, and everyone is fighting in their own way. Zeek is doing everything he can to preserve his legacy and leave a warm world for the next three generations. Drew is forever awesome and sensitive and kind. Crosby is clinging to the Luncheonette, and Adam is too good (of course) to stop him. Adam is also shaping up to be a fantastic second ruler of the clan. Kristina is sadly absent for much of the show, as is the case for most of the in-laws. Amber is ready to bring life into the world. Hank is ready to bring Sarah into his. Hank is awesome.

Look at this! I’m composed and not rushing to Joel and Julia. Let’s get to them now, though.

First, we see Julia dusting off a picture of Joel she had tucked away. We know how you feel; stop hiding, girl. Next, she calls Joel. “Joel, what are we doing?” Hey, Joel, let me answer for you. “WE’RE DOING LOVE, JULIA. THAT’S WHAT WE’RE DOING.” Joel, though, is a gentleman as you know. Julia tells him to come over to talk. Joel turns off the poker tournament he’s watching THAT HE WOULD ALSO PROBABLY WIN IF HE WANTED and heads over.

They have intercourse.


They haven’t been around much, but they’re ready to wear the Braverman crowns.

In walks Sydney!

Joel hides under the bed because he and Julia still have not firmly decided on their future. HINT: DECIDE, dummies. Then, while fake exercising with Sarah, Julia reflects, “I’m hiding the father of my children from my children.” THAT FATHER WHO IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE FATHER OF ALL CHILDREN, GOD? Pretty much!

Then comes the real fun.

In the coffee shop, deciding on the future that we all know is already established and always has been, Julia makes things difficult. She says, “Joel, we can’t give [the kids] false hope.” JULIA, SHUT YO DUMB HEAD UP. Don’t worry, Joel steps in and reminds her that they can make it work. What about ex-flame Chris? “I guess I’ll just have to deal with it,” Joel says. Of course he will. “I will never leave you,” he reminds her. TAKE HIM THERE IN THE COFFEE SHOP, JULIA. BE WITH HIM FOREVER.

From there, it’s blue skies and sunshine.

Julia takes the kids ice skating. Quaint, Julia. But then she calls Joel from the rink. YES, JULIA. Joel asks, “What do you wanna talk about?” She answers, perfectly: “Nothing. I just want to hear your voice.” THERE IS A GOD, AND LO HE IS MERCIFUL.

Then the call ends. Joel shows up at the rink and breaks the space-time continuum.

For the first time in a long time, we can firmly say that Joel and Julia will make it through. I’ve been hesitantly confident for a long time, but now it seems almost definite. Even in the preview for next week, we see the family gathered and Sydney running into her father’s arms. Joy awaits.

The episode ended with some sadness, as Zeek and Camille watched their old home come alive with the vibrance of new generations. Their time wanes, but the rest of the Bravermans stand poised to carry on the family name proudly. And the Grahams are back, almost.




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