Parenthood Update: A Perfect Ending for a Perfect Family

“Some say the world will end in fire,/Some say in ice…and some other crap” – Robert Frost, sort of


Hundreds Thousands  Some people probably have been like “Yo, Brian, can’t believe you haven’t written about Parenthood‘s finale yet.” IT’S BEEN AN EMOTIONAL TIME. RELAX.

And no, I’m not just talking about the Patriots’ surreal victory. But I’m happy to talk about it if you want! Hit me up!

I wanted to write an emotional reaction immediately after watching the Bravermans fade into nothingness, but I just couldn’t do it. I needed some time to collect myself, and to regain fluids after shedding a whole lot of tears (Oh, Zeek, you beautiful man, noble even in death.). Looking back with calmer eyes, I can confidently say that Parenthood did one of the greatest wrap-up jobs I have ever seen on television. Was it sappy at times? Duh. Did it tie things up too nicely for some? Those people should be nicer!

Adam is a loving and perfect creature; Hank got better and better with time, even making Sarah tolerable; Amber came close to death and despair many times but ends up happy and stable; Joel and J-

UPDATE: JOEL AND JULIA NOW HAVE 4,839 CHILDREN, based on the rate established in the episode’s final ten minutes. Babies everywhere! Gun to my head, I guess I have to concede that Adam and Kristina are the best and most stable couple, but Joel and Julia reconciling is good for my health, at the very least.

I probably would have cried happily just watching a wedding montage for an hour, but what an episode, truly. Why would such a hopeful show end with anything other than love and optimism? Sometimes the characters are caricatures, and sometimes life looks a lot easier onscreen than it feels in real life, but we do need that (…especially if you’re a Seahawks fan. Sorry, I had to.).

Kudos to Parenthood for six seasons of Braverman drama, turmoil, and love, and for touching on so many touching stories without ever feeling bloated, trite, or corny.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s much easier knowing that the Bravermans will be ok.


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