Parenthood returned with “How Did We Get Here?” last night, as you should know. The show left us #PRAYINGFORZEEK, and we picked up right where we left off. The episode was tense and tight, with less movement than usual thanks to all of the Bravermans being gathered at the hospital for the most of the episode. We knew this one would be solemn since we saw the previews in November, and it didn’t disappoint. Zeek was on the brink multiple times, and the coming weeks loom large for the Braverman patriarch. With only three episodes left ( :(  ), will Zeek make it? It could go either way, but one has to suspect the showmakers are tempted to take Zeek away as Amber brings new life into the world. Cue it up.

Now, let’s talk about some happier parts of the — #JOELANDJULIAFOREVERMORETHANEVER!!!!!!!!!

They tried to fool us, but our Greatest American Lovers can’t be stopped. Our first shot of them is in bed together after what can only be termed #coitus, but Julia quickly learns of her father’s health problems and rushes to the hospital. At the hospital, Sarah and Amber are curious, and Julia is defensive. She firmly states, “We are NOT back together.” HA!

She thinks she can stop the perfect husband? Well, cue Joel bringing everyone in the family coffee. Boom. Julia: “You don’t have to stay.” Joel: “I want to.” OF COURSE HE DOES. King Joel, may he reign and prosper forever.


This is Julia telling’ bitches to back off Joel, probably.

For much of the episode, Joel and Julia take a backseat to the pain and chaos surrounding the clan, but then it was time to go see Zeek in the ICU. A nurse tells Joel that only family can go in. Julia states even more firmly, “HE’S MY HUSBAND,” and the crowd (I) goes wild. Then, after Zeek has another episode while they’re in the room, Joel is able to calm the family members down and explain what happened. IS JOEL BATMAN?! Wait, no, he can’t be. Because I don’t know if we deserve him. From there, we don’t see much else of the pair, save for Joel drinking an optimistic beer with Hank after the turbulence subsides at the hospital.

Before I conclude, some quick acknowledgements of other great moments and things in this episode: quick shoutout to Adam’s stubble; he is the grizzled guardian of this family when Zeek goes down. If the show ends with death, the heir apparent will see us through the storm. Another shoutout to Hank (and Ray Romano) for being awkward and strange and lovable and willing to put himself out there for Sarah and Drew and the rest of the Bravermans. As always, shoutout to Drew for being quiet but noble and awesome. Shoutout to the final scene, in which Amber’s makeshift hospital cafeteria baby shower turns into a touching moment as the elder Braverman women impart wisdom they’ve learned through the thick and thin of…wait for it…PARENTHOOD.


Hold onto your butts. These next three weeks will be tough, no matter what lies ahead. Until next time, #JOELANDJULIAMOREFOREVERTHANEVER.



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