Off on the Right Foot: Great T.V. Intros

Like waking up on the right side of the bed or a good first impression, a solid intro/opening credits can really set the tone for a Television show.  Sometimes, they really hit the mark, setting the stage perfectly.  It just so happens there have been some excellent examples of this phenomena the last several years.  It also further just so happens I was thinking about this the other night and spent an hour grabbing links to all our favorites we could think of.  What spurred this thought?  Why, the return of Hannibal, one of the examples on the list!



hello there.


Enjoy!  And chime in!  Unless you’re a bot.  In that case, please, stop.  My testosterone levels are fine, I think, and I do not want to meet sexy singles in my area.  Well, not through the comment section of a website.








This intro serves as a perfect send-up to old spy tropes, James Bond, and Saul Bass-esque art.  Really, a masterpiece for an animated series.  Perfectly sets up the brilliant weirdness to follow.





I mean, pretty much perfect.





My personal favorite show.  Such a weird, tinkling, mysterious sound, as crazy science words flash by.  I always appreciated the simple elegance of this intro.  Much like the X-Files some years ago (*and now coming back), the simple intro sets an eerie, curious mood well.





I really dig this one.  This show is straight-up Victorian camp and owns it.  The intro does a great job of showing just how odd, intricate, evil and devilish the show to follow will be.  Plus, it looks cool.





Great song.  Creepy, cheeky, clever images.  I listen to this song by Jace Everett all the time.



Perfect for this show.  Beautiful and simple, while also creepy and ominous.  It’s freaky, freaky art.  Like the show.





One of the most incredible intros I’ve ever seen (and I did research, too.).  Such a great song choice.  And the imagery and craftsmanship of the image sequence deserves it’s own class.  Good luck, season 2, I anxiously await what you hold.





Great show – have you seen it?  Odd little British superhero show.  I love that song by the Rapture and the silhouettes/shadowy imagery over the punkish track perfectly lead into the tone of the show.  I enjoy.





Weird, atmospheric and beautiful.  Great show.  Great intro.




(With John Oliver)


Wonderful man, wonderful show, wonderful (Python-y, I dare say?) intro.



Parks & Recreation/The Office/Brooklyn Nine-Nine




Aka the Schur Special


A trio mentioned here because they are so perfectly encapsulating, capturing the theme, the heart, the spirit and soul of the characters, as well as the humor and tone of the show.  While only time will tell how Brooklyn Nine-Nine grows, based on the early signs and pedigree we can bet this connection is unlikely to change.



Honorable Mention (‘cuz they’re coming back!!)


(…and I just love this intro song!)

Muppet Show






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