Moon Walken: If the Internet Was a Person, it’d be Christopher Walken


Yikes!  Tis’ been some time since we explored the interwebs.  Apologies.  Here:

Don't stare.

Don’t stare.




We loved The Winter Soldier (soon to be added to the DVD collection per Robert Redford handsome mandate – or man-datable BAZING!).

Will (remember Will?  He writes sometimes, too.  His formal apology is forthcoming) likes to hardcore dork out at the site  Well worth a bookmark, and a great piece on TWS credits/titles, which are stunning, interviewing and discussing them with the creators.


murphy creature gif

awww… lil troublemaker


Really cool short film (that takes a dark turn – wow) found over at io9 from students at ISART Digital, plus some making-of stuff that’s quite neat.  Here’s their description/teaser: ‘During the Second World War, an English paratrooper crash-lands in a forest leaving him wounded. He meets a creature that tries its best to help him. However, the ordeal is just beginning…’


Here’s the link.


Jason Liwag.  Check him out. 



IFC gives you 10 legendary cinematic drinking scenes.  There’s not really a ‘ranking,’ but we can all agree Jaws wins, cuz that song is delightful.


Pogo’s ‘The Trouble.’  Damn if he isn’t weirdly, brilliantly talented.  Love his stuff.


Bond villains ranked worst to first.  No love for the newspaper-started modern war. (MF)


Wonderful, weird, wacky short ‘Where Are They Now?’  by Steve Cutts chronicles our favorite animated characters…. after their primes… (he does the voices too!  Bravo sir.)



Artist Dirk Loechel‘s piece comparing the sizes of every Sci-Fi ship is finished and it is spectacular.



Wow. Wow. (via)


Already posted this to FB, but you must read through some of the highlights from Idris Elba’s Reddit AMA.


Let’s make Simba-ing a thing, please


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