Might as Well be Walken on the Sun: Sorry, Mr. Walken

walken stare up

Apologies, but we need these bad plays on words, sir.


Alternate title: “Walken on Sunshine.”  Here:


Mad Max.  Look at the dirty newness.


The Simpsons FX marathon starts this Thursday (the 21st).  Here are a list (a 23-best Buzzfeed list… so 23 random pictures for you) of some of Bart’s most interesting detention scripts.


Legitimately important news: Craig Ferguson will be okay.  Stay weird.


“As you wish,” sounds different, in a horror Princess Bride.


charlie questions


All aboard the Snowpiercer train brochure.


The Art of the Title takes a look at the Fight Club opening sequence.


We should all be as open as this man, regarding Jennifer Lawrence.


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