Lost Hours: You’re Bad and You Know It

There are some movies that pop on the telly and you can’t turn away.  You know what I’m talking about.  We’re not talking about The Godfather or In Bruges or even Step Brothers.  I mean the movies you flip to, know you should probably do something else, yet you’re glued.  For one scene.  Then another. You can’t seem to quit.  You know this ‘film’ may not truly be worth a second, fourth, thirtieth time (guilty).  Suddenly it’s a half hour later and you’re well on your way to forgetting about your homework, the dishes, or whatever task should really be your focus.  You’ve seen it, you know it’s silly/bad/laughable/straight-to-dvd yet you keep coming back – and not quite sure why you adore movies like this. 
Sometimes movies like this are tied to a piece of nostalgia you cannot quite place.  Sometimes you can’t help love the sappiness (Serendipity?  Anyone?  Anyone?).  Maybe the movie is a delightful misstep for a beloved actor.  Maybe you just want to see some explosions and a kickass hero beat someone up.  Call them what you will, ‘Guilty pleasures’ seems too simplified.  The connection is something else.  Not really ‘good’ but also not necessarily ‘bad’, there’s a comfort in those lost hours. That comfort is not a feeling anyone should feel guilty about.
With that, my personal favorite….  A movie I’ve seen start to finish more times than I’ll share and big chunks of every couple of months: 

The Rundown (2003)
also known as “Welcome to the Jungle”
IMDb: 6.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 71%
The Plot in Haiku:
Chef Rock sent into
Walken’s Brazilian mine town.
Stifler.  Explosions.
(I may not have ever stressed just how obsessed I am with haikus. They have endless comedy potential, in my book.  More on this in future posts.)
Honestly, that’s pretty much all you need to know.  The Rock is hired to retrieve GWW favorite Seann William Scott from a little mining town run by Christopher Walken in Brazil.  Stifler is looking for treasure, obviously, and hijinks ensue.  Throw in some banter, some monkeys & the always-gorgeous, razor-sharp Rosario Dawson and you’ve got a movie.


Why it’s a great way to lose some hours: 



The cast, first and foremost.  Say what you will about Peter Berg, but he knows how to get actors to chew some scenery in his sillier movies (Liam Neeson in Battleship?!?).  Seann William Scott does not disappoint and the Rock is in full-on ‘Rock’ mode.  Jon Gries (yes, Uncle Rico, or Ben Linus’ tragic father on Lost) plays well as Walken’s henchman and hoooooo boy is Christopher Walken in fine, ridiculous form here.

The plot – fun, light and moving quickly- is aided by surprisingly excellent chemistry between Johnson and Scott.  Furthermore, at a pretty tame PG-13, you can find The Rundown on ALL THE TIME. Though the movie is generally liked (as you can see it has a firm ‘meh, ok’ rating on RT and IMDb), it was a relative disappointment at the box office.  That doesn’t stop channels from Showtime, to Spike to TNT from airing the film seemingly a few times a month. Flip around, you’ll find it someday. See if you don’t get sucked in just a little bit.


Highlights/Scene to watch for:


The Rock’s character, Beck is gun-averse.  This is a key detail when he meets Walken’s Hatcher and his Henchmen (dibs on that band name) in a run-down (see what I did there) pool hall.  I’ll just say it ends with Christopher Walken giving a fantastic ‘wow.’
Stay tuned for more ‘Lost Hours’ and send us your favorites, too!
(from IMDb)
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