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DUDE - I'm getting a Dell.

DUDE – I’m getting a Dell.

I am going to take a brief interlude from mischief to get real with you, reader, for a moment:

True Detective is a slow-burning, dirty, beautiful, horrible, ghastly, incredible show.  Grotesquely intense, well acted, well cast.  The dialogue and camera work, everything down to the sound clicks for a show we highly recommend for those seeking this kind of warped, intense drama.

But I want to highlight the opening sequence, as it chills me every time. Gorgeously done, and something people still often take for granted (not us Fringe Fans, mind you) with well made shows.

Art of the Title is an awesome website in general, and they speak to creative director Patrick Clair about the haunting opening credits, which you can see below:

Plus, that song (by The Handsome Family – great name – full version) sounds pretty darn cool.
Cool graph of movie sequels and whether they were better or worse than their predecessors.  Based on math and stuff, but also visually pleasing. (via)
Mean Girls – ten years later the director reflects… And let’s us know who penned Kevin G’s rap. (Vulture)
I am a god… and I would not mess with ‘The Rock.’ Did you know he’s technically Canadian?  (BF)
The Physics of Superheroes.  I have been re-watching this over and over like Peyton Manning going over game film, looking for a… he what?  They DID?  Man, we Gods really don’t give a damn about sports  (engineering.com)
The always reliable College Humor  gives us honest posters for the Oscar nominees that tell you what you need to hear.  (CH)
.@AnnaKendrick47 & Myself: 2 Girls, 1 CUPS in Pitch Perfect 2 x
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