Loki Don’t Play That: Links From the Internet God of Mischief, Tom Hiddleston

This is Easter weekend for some, so take a look at the AV Club’s list of the most terrifying bunnies of pop culture.  They omitted the most revolting though – someone drunkenly eating Peeps…
This weekend also marks Passover, so here’s the Rugrats’ Passover Special in its entirety. That was a weird show in many ways, looking back on it.  (Nick)
I will say is this: Vimeo ‘Staff Picks’ is a goldmine of fun.
We shared the Office Stare Machine the other day (a professional stare for every emotion!).  Those brilliant minds also provide time travel services.  Here’s the Office Time Machine (a professional reference for every year!).  Prepare to lose a few minutes or more.
This Dad has set the bar for packing lunches:  www.lunchboxdad.com
Image and find via Laughing Squid
Your go-to list of Karaoke songs from movies. (ScreenCrush)
Here are some GIFs of Steve Harvey making faces.
Because you never know when you’ll need GIFs of Steve Harvey making faces.  (FoD)
Todd Spence has a few pages in a coloring book of some dark R-rated movies for kids.
‘Delightfully twisted’ springs to mind. (Break)
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