Lessons Learned from Gotham’s Return

1. Whenever you can, return from winter break with a production of The Tempest performed by Arkham Asylum inmates.

The play played a prominent role in the beginning of and throughout the episode, making for an eerie return for the show. I, for one, would love to see this performance in its entirety. Shame on you, rowdy inmates ruining the show.



2. a. We still don’t care about Barbara’s storyline.

With all due respect to Erin Richards, her screen time still feels like empty filler. Perhaps some long-term significance awaits her, but if so it feels drawn out and inefficient.



2. b. There is still too much going on.

Most (read: 2. a.) of the show’s characters have some level of intrigue, but it’s hard for we the viewers to get excited each week when the show bounces between several storylines. This is somewhat understandable for this episode, given that the show was hoping to recalibrate itself after time off, but hopefully the coming weeks bring tighter, more focused episodes.



3. Penguin’s story is still fascinating.

Robin Lord Taylor has been a standout from the start, and Cobblepot’s struggle to gain recognition and power is the most consistently engaging storyline.


More focus on him, please!


4. Definitely show Ben McKenzie suffering through interrogations of various Arkham crazies.

He nails the looks of exasperation that come with questioning individuals who don’t even know themselves, let alone the answers to the questions Gordon needs answered.


5. Life is best spent with Isiah Whitlock Jr. 

The actor, known best for The Wire and Cedar Rapids, may not be a lasting presence on the show, but his face makes me happy. That is all.


6. Bullock is still awesome.

He’s on Gordon’s side, so I’m on his. I can only hope that the pair is back together soon.


Many questions remain unanswered after Gotham‘s 2015 premiere. For example, where’s Bruce?


Until next time!






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