Haiku Review: The. Bat. Man.

Marvel will continue  to make their money.  DC may continue to be… off the mark sometimes (on the big screen – love ya, Arrow.  Can’t wait, Flash).  This trilogy forever and ever shall be our favorite.




Batman Begins

Do you like my mask?

Your actions will define you.

Be more than a man.



The Dark Knight

Beware of the clown.

A new class of criminal.

Why so serious?



The Dark Knight Rises

Do you feel in charge?

A broken bat breaks badly.

Jump, sans rope, and rise.


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About Author: Will McMahon

Will has eclectic movie, television and music tastes. He likes Batman, horror movies and Mark Ruffalo. Has seen every episode of 'The O.C.' at least twice, so take him with a large grain of salt. Accomplished beard grower. Bad movie enthusiast. Lyrical genius. Some have said he is a real-life version of Nick Miller from 'New Girl.' No word on whether or not this is a compliment.