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WAAAAYYYY DOWN INSIIIIDEEEEE. You better believe Loki gets down to some Led Zepplin.

Total Film (@totalfilm) thank you for my wonderful Valentine’s present.  This would have been a much better movie, you know.  I’ll call Whedon.  Yes, obviously I know Joss Whedon.

… and here’s a decidedly UN-Valentines’ link: 30 facts about Se7enWHAT’S IN THE BOX?!!?  WHAT’S IN THE B- oh it’s chocolates, how lovely!  (ShortList)

Very cool, very nerdy actions figures from your favorite 80’s movies (and Firefly.  Truly, that Whedon is everywhere).  Personally, I will be looking to obtain my very own Snake Plissken.  Love me some eyepatch. Love me some Kurt Russell <shudders> (h/t Slashfilm)

WARNING: Once you see these eleven grammatically incorrect movie titles, you will never be able to un-see them. (11 points)

Ranker gives you some reimagined films. I always thought that Mary Poppins was a bit of a maniac.

I am not a big fan of this Shy Layboof character. Nothing says “I’m Sorry” like a hashtag.
And people think I’m crazy.  Yikes.  (ScreenJunkies)

Speaking of crazy, many of you will continue to be under some serious snowy conditions.  Fear not:

I shall hold him to that.  The ratings are way down, anyways.

Some friends in the UK show you what it would be like if your favorite iconic movie characters were the most evil things in the galaxy… hipsters.  (Shiznit)

A Scrubs Musical? Yup.  Yup.  YUP.  I’m an evil demigod and even I love Scrubs.  By the Hammer of Thor, yes! (EW)

A pep talk from Sean Connery.

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