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Godzilla crushes cities as well as the box office.  Then the interwebs take over:

– The New York Times discusses the ‘halo jump’ skydive scene you probably saw in trailers with director Gareth Edwards (who is directing the 1st of the stand-alone Star Wars movies in 2016!!)

/Film highlights a very, very cool Godzilla video remix from artist Mike Relm


Undisclosed tension between Bryan Cranston and Godzilla 

– ScreenRant has a list of other movie monsters we all want to see Godzilla fight.

– Awsome Reptar/Godzilla design from RIPT apparel. 


As for non-Godzilla nonsense…

tomcruiserunning.tumblr.com – do I need to tell you what this blog collects?

apparently he gets it.

apparently he gets it.

The evolution of the character Chewbacca (from GammaSquad)

Law & Order: Game of Thrones (via io9)

Chronicle scribe (and John Landis child) Max Landis wrote a Spider-Man musical I would actually see on his Facebook page.  Lots of Mika, it seems.

Artist James Hance did this:


Thank you, James Hance.

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