Everything Is, In Fact, Awesome: Go See The Lego Movie!


Good luck getting that out of your head.


What a stupendous film.  Truly, I find it difficult to know where to begin.  So let’s go for the low-hanging fruit.

I adored LEGOs. Let me rephrase that, I still adore the tiny bricks; it is merely less acceptable for me to spend several hours a day playing with them now (more on that later, I promise you).  I grew up on LEGOs, creating masterpiece after masterpiece, in my mind.  They will always be a treasure of my youth.


Will Ferrell gets to ham it up as the voice of the bad guy, President/Lord Business.  I adore Will Ferrell.  He was, is and will forever continue to be one of the funniest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of exposing to my 6 senses. Not a typo.  Forget, for a sentence or two, plot, animation or other actors in the film.  I took  sheer unadulterated joy in hearing ridiculous things said by Will Ferrell come out of a LEGO figurine’s mouth, I can only hope he, LEGO & Funny or Die realize they have yet another goldmine.  The smashing together of two things that have brought me such happiness along my timeline was worth the price of admission alone.


There are so, so, so many good things to say about The LEGO Movie.  Charlie Day plays Benny the ‘1980-something’  Astronaut seen above, and is merely one hilarious example of a truly star-studded cast.  Heck, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian make an appearance.  For a movie clocking in just over an hour & a half, it is chock-full of amusement, so I will do my best to spoil as little possible.


The animation is unlike anything you’ve seen in a movie before.  Water, smoke and fire are all hilariously depicted in LEGO form.  I could have written an entire post on LEGO sight gags alone.  However this is not merely stop-motion – the action scenes are legitimately entertaining.


The plot follows all kinds of silly kids-movie goodness and flits along with a kind of manic energy emblematic of both the Chris Pratt adults know and love (we love you, Andy Dwyer) but also of the kids TV shows that have taken off for all ages more recently (Adventure Time comes to mind, for example.).  One cannot stress enough the multi-layered enjoyment all ages can experience.


I’ve seen many comparisons to Toy Story, and it’s an easy link.  There’s a joy evident in everything from the script & dialogue (you can only imagine how much fun the voice recording sessions must have been) to the careful LEGO detail in each poster, background and outfit.  To this end, I’d say the movie’s delight often veers more towards Spongebob Squarepants’ madcap zaniness, humor and in-jokes than Pixar.  This is by no means a detraction, merely different humor styles leading to the same message: you should never completely shut off the goofy, silly, absurd wonderment of childhood.


Unless you are a real stick-in-the-mud, we can all but guarantee you will enjoy The LEGO Movie.  Just look at the voice cast, and you’ll see there’s something for everyone.  Chris Pratt delivers lines with such goofy earnestness you cannot help but smile.  Elizabeth Banks, as always, shines as snarky-with-a-heart-of-gold Wildstyle.  Liam Neeson flexes his comedic chops, as does Morgan Freeman.  But if you, as a grown person, need one actor’s character to be convinced, let us assure you – Will Arnett as Gob Bluth as Batman stands out with some of the funniest bits of dialogue in a kids movie chock full of multifaceted humor.


Some might complain the film serves as one long commercial.  I’ll admit, I wanted to go home and build something with Lego’s after leaving the theater.  That’s somewhat the point. Legos are meant for everyone.  They’re meant for adults to be a kid again and kids to be world-builders.  “Don’t take things so seriously,” could be the message of the film.  As kids, we are open to a virtual endless imagination, where Batman, pirates, unicorns, the Old West, and Shaquille O’Neal all come together in awesome harmony.


And at any age, we can always use a little more awesome.


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