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There were just a whole bunch of elections – did you vote? – Wanted to mix things up here a little.  While not quite worthy of a full post, here are some highly amusing election-related movies (that are not always atop the ‘best of ‘ lists) that will make you better, worse and hysterical all at the same time.  They were on our minds.  All are funny, but also they can be darkly, scarily true:


Dave – Kevin Kline looks like the president.  The president is in a coma.  Bet you can imagine what happens next.


Wag the Dog – A look behind the strings at the puppeteers in politics.  Sharply funny. The ‘art’ of war. “This is politics at its finest.”


Head of State – Chris Rock as an alderman shoved into the presidential race, ends up doing great things.  BONUS: Bernie Mac at his finest.


The Campaign – Just see it.  Completely silly.


Black Sheep – The Farley/Spade classic – not this terribly odd horror movie from 2006.  Kiwis are weird.  Farley is the brother sent away to not… disrupt his brother’s campaign.  That duo made two of the greatest comedies in Tommy Boy and this flick.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Farley.


These are all fun movies tweaking the political process.  If you’re looking to decompress after binge-watching MSNBC the last day or so, these will aid your detox.  On to more nonsense!

Sam Carter has some really neat work celebrating Tim Burton’s works, capturing the films in an appropriate silhouette. 



Daylight Savings – the movie.


Birdman don’t want no scrubs.


Funny how much one letter means to what we think a movie is about… 



Some fun found on Kotaku for any Masters of the Universe – Skeletor may not ever win, but he dishes some great burns


Rolling Stone spent some time with Bill Murray, national treasure, most interesting man in the world, and have 10 things they learned.


Mr. Murray truly does try and be amazing where ever he goes.  Case and point?  This site of amazing Murray stories exists:



Nick Offerman could literally talk about anything and make me laugh.  Here he talks about a radical Nun teacher he had...


Archer quotes to use in everyday life.  The gang returns in January!!!



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