Dem Apples: Why We Love Good Will Hunting

We here at GWW are well-aware of our past, our present, and those that allow us to be here. We felt obligated to discuss the treasure of a film that gave the site its name (if you haven’t put two and two together…). We will now reflect on our experiences with the movie, providing insight into why we chose this title to grace our hallowed blog.


“This blog is incredible. I can’t take my eyes off it.”


Brian: I can vividly remember my first time watching GWH. Friday afternoon in middle school, exhausted, just looking to nap on the couch, but I turn to AMC because I get that excited feeling we all get when we see a movie just starting on TV (Maybe this is just me…no matter!). I didn’t nap, even though these channels insist on commercials consuming nearly as much time as the movie.

Will: Casey Affleck’s voice in this movie absolutely cracks me up. “talkin’ bout a double bur-ge-rrr”

B: Hard to tell if he was required to do any acting whatsoever. Comes this close to cracking up multiple times.

W: But that was part of the charm, and something that both Casey and Ben Affleck have brought to other projects (Gone Baby Gone, The Town) – they have a beautiful eye for Boston and the people within the city.  You can knock the movie for a great many things, but the acting or lack thereof worked to the story’s benefit.  I always believe those four knuckleheads are absolute best friends.  A great film in the study of loyalty and honesty in friendship.  Despite what some might believe, I view this movie as a story about friendship – real friendship – written by real friends.

B: I suppose this isn’t a revolutionary statement, but the script is simply phenomenal (“Oh really, Brian? The movie that won the Best Screenplay Oscar has a great script?” My response.). I mean, you could boil the movie down to Robin Williams’ park bench speech, Matt Damon’s NSA showcase, and the Game 6 story, and you have something very much worth watching.

Of course being from the Boston area probably elevates this movie for us. The shots of Fenway and Southie must hit home for us more than the average viewer, no?

W: That is a huge part of what makes the movie quite beautiful.  You don’t have to be from Boston to appreciate some of the beautiful scenes in the film.  Mr. Van Sant is quite good at his job, and he and the cinematography team capture some remarkable shots.  And it would appear Mr. Affleck has taken a good eye for that as well.

B: Absolutely. The Town will certainly finds its way onto our inevitable list of great Boston-based movies. That being said, best shot of the movie might be the final one, with Will driving off, finally entering the world outside Beantown.

W: True, though I think Gone Baby, Gone (starring little Brother Casey) has an even better visual pulse. That movie’s criminally underappreciated, but we’ll save that debate.




My personal favorite shot, though, is the wide shot with Matt Damon and Robin Williams sitting on a bench in Boston Common.

There is a quiet, simple beauty in that scene. And I will admit I am biased as that is one of my favorite places in the world, let alone Boston.


B: Speaking of touching moments with Robin Williams –  Have you EVER seen someone with hairier arms than Robin Williams? Was this movie the peak of his arm hair? Do you think Damon and Affleck insisted that he grow it out just for this role?

W: Boston is a revolutionary city.  He’s maintaining his right to bear arms…

B: Wow. Maybe Good Morning, Vietnam Williams arms put up a fight. I sense a future post in there somewhere…

W: “Just How Hairy ARE Robin Williams’ Arms: A GWW investigative report”

I would be very concerned he would get crumbs and junk tangled up like dog fur.

B: Be honest, now. How many times a year do you use “How do you like dem apples?”

W: I’ll take the over on a 175.5 line.  But my all-time favorite scene and go-to line comes from that Ben Affleck interview scene – “Lemme tell ya something, you’re suspect.”  The scene gets me every time, heck we’ve linked to it twice!

B: Do you think Harvard guy represents an actual hairstyle that was ok ever?

W: The 90’s were weird, my young apprentice.


“Minnie Driver, let me smell your face please.”


We respect our heritage, and love this movie. For its memorable quotes, scenery, and accents (for better or worse), the movie sticks with you. If you haven’t seen it, put it at the top of your list, see why the film inspired us.  He’s ‘Good’ Will, and he’s been watching for years.  I’m Good Brian, but that just didn’t seem like a very good name for a blog.

Happy viewing, folks.



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