AT-AT Walkens: The All Star Wars Edition

atat walken (1)


… because why not?


Don’t hate on the Ewoks.  They make for spectacular geek-wear for all species.



Han, Captain Mal & Star-Lord discuss the practical nature of shooting first.


You may have heard… A young fan (obviously destined for greatness) created a Star Wars algebra problem for class that his father showed online because the kid kicks ass.  Let us take a moment to appreciate the fact that this kid is so both Mathematically and Galactically literate.

And Mr. J.J. Abrams solved it (eventually).

Neat story from Mashable on how the guys at Robot Chicken got George Lucas’ blessing to do their amazing Star Wars work.


We can all support a separate Obi-Wan trilogy, so long as Ewan McGregor stays involved.


Very interesting, even gorgeous, unseen Star Wars art and posters.  Thank you, JoBlo.


OH SNAP.  This is a Star Wars arcade game for the ages.   Hours lost, right there.



Joel Edgerton wants back in on the galaxy far, far away.  I’d watch an Owen/Obi-Wan buddy comedy for certain.


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