Ask – Do I Feel Loki? (Well, do ya, punk?): Links From the Internet God of Mischief, Tom Hiddleston

Batmath – a proof of superhero superiority. (via)
Get some spectacles, Mr. Eastwood.
Sorry, but this is weird, and VICE is weird (they of Ambassador Rodman notoriety, mind you if you click around), and ‘Neverlanders‘ are a real, weird thing.  That said, worth going down this odd rabbit hole for a moment to remind you these people are real. (from VICE)
Diddy wants to own a TV network (FUSE) and is willing to drop serious dollars for it.  Wait, let me rephrase:  HOW CAN WE HELP DIDDY GET A TV NETWORK??!?!?  We will be one step closer to Chappelle’s Show reality.  (CinemaBlend)
An update from the delicious, delicious Ommegang Brewery (mmm.  doublemmmm) with their Game of Thrones beers.  This time, it’s #FireandBlood .  These brews are delicious.
I worry that some people don’t fully appreciate this commercial’s absurdity.  Here’s the original ‘Ninja Rap,’ and it’s accompanying video:
TWO amazing mash-up Tumblrs:
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