As Loki Would Have It: Links From the Internet God of Mischief, Tom Hiddleston


Netflix will be bringing back The Magic School Bus, because the people running Netflix are brilliant.  We adore/adored this show.



Though that new Michael Bay atrocity may sully things, the new documentary Turtle Power chronicles the decades the vigilantes on the half shell have been helping us.  Here’s the trailer.  (thank you, FirstShowing)

and here’s Vanilla Ice:


We’ve linked to the Youtube channel ‘Academy Originals‘ before and it is a worthy subscription.  They go over how the original Jurassic Park and the VFX impacted movies going forward.  It’s a neat 10-ish minutes for fans (did our constant JP-related posts clue you in that we’re fans?).


Many of you will want to see The Interview.  With Seth Rogen & James Franco tasked to take down a dictator (trailer via /Film) hijinks should ensue.  The poster is also quite amusing:


Funny or Die unearthed Uzo Aduba’s (“Crazy Eyes” on Orange is the New Black) audition tape for her eventual role in season 1.


An interview with one of our favorites, Chris Hardwick in Variety.


The wonderful Lego Movie will be coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD soon.  One of the special features is a trailer for ‘History Cops’ starring Abraham Lincoln & Michaelangelo.  Watch it.  (via ComicBookMovie)


You sick of Frozen parodies?  Me too.  But ‘Do You Want To Go To Chipotle?’ is both funny and a real thing many of us ask over and over and over.  Repeated questions are better in song.


There is a new ‘live action’ Paddington Bear movie.  As someone who remembers the book fondly it looks… horrific.  The internet then took over and #creepypaddington has risen.  Yikes.  Check out just how much fun people had on the interwebs. (Twitter)



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