We are just like you.  We consume.  Not in a gluttonous way, mind you.  Rather, we just watch everything.


We love movies.  From the cinematic masterpiece to the… uh…. everything else.  Short film, cartoons, for kids and for adults.  But not ‘adult adult.’  Save that for your hotel charges.  And we believe movies are meant for fun, so critics should get off their damn high horses.


We love TV.  From the underrated to the classics (And Will really likes The O.C. so make of that what you must.).  We want to talk about shows you like, hear your take and give you ours.  We are fascinated by the industry of entertainment at large.


We love the culture, fandom and creativity of the pop culture world.  We love a good pun.  We really love Batman.  Some would say an unhealthy amount.  We love haikus, the most artful (and amusing) way to review a work of art.  We take ourselves just seriously enough that we think this is a good idea.


We watch what you watch.  We internet what you internet (not like that, get your head out of the gutter).  So, please, join us.  Let’s talk about your fan art, last night’s episode or your friends’ web series.


So here… we… go…