7 Important Lessons From This Week’s SNL

Saturday Night Live is certainly in a transition phase, with a strong but unproven contingent of young talent. Stars like Taran Killam, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong have established themselves, but the jury is still out on newcomers like Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones, and Michael Che. There have been many flashes of brilliance within this season’s uneven episodes, and I see great hope for the future.

1. Leslie Jones is a treasure. A terrifying, demented, hilarious treasure. 

She manages to keep the funny rolling when she ramps up the volume rather than just spewing out loud garbage. She brought her A game to an excellent  “Weekend Update” once again. Also, she can get away with using #fineasswhiteboy.


2. Pete Davidson is on his way to stardom, adorable and vulgar.

He and Mikey Day co-wrote the New York marijuana sketch, one of the night’s more memorable and viral clips. There’s just something about his smirking, fun-loving face that makes us think he’ll be around for a while. Plus, he just turned 21!


3. Woody Harrelson (and the SNL cast) LOVES marijuana. (see #2) 

They sing about it. They write skits about it. They use it before the show? Che was looking PRETTY glassy-eyed during “Update,” and the whole show had a pleasant airiness to it. Regardless, the energy was lively and fun, from the star-filled monologue all the way throughout most of the show.


 4. Taran Killam does a killer McConaughey.

He, in my humble opinion, remains the most consistent performer (with Kate McKinnon and Bobby Moynihan on his tail), and his impression was shockingly spot-on.




5. Weekend Update is getting better, maybe.

They handled the Buttpocalypse well and seem to be getting more comfortable.



6. The writers have it in them when they focus/avoid laziness.

“Match’d” was a fantastic concept, executed well by Killam, Beck Bennett, and the wonderfully weird Kyle Mooney.



7. Post-Update is hardly worth watching.

It’s tough to sustain excellence over the course of a whole episode. The damn apple song does kind of stick in your head, though.



Next up: Cameron Diaz for the Thanksgiving episode!



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