5 Keanu Reeves Characters That Prove He Is Vital To Mankind’s Existence

There are many ways to measure an actor.  By awards.  By highest grossing films.  By number of starlets dated.

But what if someone holds the very fabric of reality together for us?  How do we measure the quantum importance one man’s roles play on our lives?

Without further ado, and zero hyperbole, here is why Keanu Reeves means more to you than you ever knew.






“Alex Wyler”

The Lake House  (2006)

Keanu and Sandra reunited for the first time since Speed.

Loving each other from afar.  Like 2 years afar.  Science.

Which should break the space-time continuum… but they repair it with love!




“Shane Falco”

The Replacements (2000)

Keanu saves the NFL, and football forever, in the hearts and minds of millions.

Ray Lewis explained to us what would happen without football.

Who knows what anarchy and chaos would reign without our nation’s beloved pastime.




“Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan”

Bill & Ted series

Most crucially in their Bogus Journey.

He traverses time and space and still parties on, dude.

He and Bill battle Death itself.

And live to rock out.




 “Conor O’Neill”

Hardball (2001)

A mentor.  Bringing out the best in kids who fear the worst and bring out the best of him.

Also, he belts out “Big Poppa.”  Which must have sent out unmeasurable positive energy into the universe.

But really just because this was one of Michael B. Jordan‘s first films.  And he is phenomenal.





Little Buddha (1993)

Dude achieved enlightenment.  Whoa.


There you have it.  Undeniable proof that Keanu Reeves is a force for good in our world like little else.

He’s been doing it for years.  It wears him down.  Thank him sometime.


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